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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  September 14, 2012 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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i want to both thank you and commend you for investing your time and resources in giving voice to the values of millions, millions of americans care about. this weekend the 7th the of theh annual values voter summit, and we will have one of our largest gatherings to date. you know that comes despite the fact that families across america continue to experience a decline in their real spending power. as unemployment continues at record highs and the national debt has not topped $16 trillion the current monetary and fiscal policy encouraged by this administration devalues every dollar that is in your pocket. but, you are here because you know the future of our nation does not rest solely upon the soundness of the american dollar, but rather our future
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depends upon the stability of the american hope and that core economic view that we know is called the family. thank you for being here and giving voice to those values. the republican delegates met in tampa for their convention or good delegates for the democratic convention met in charlotte and now the value voters are meeting in washington d.c. and you are the value voter delegates and is our convention. [applause] and the first order of business is to gavel the 2012 values voters conference officially into session. [applause] now, the first order of business is to amend the theme for this year's summit, limit government,
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reduce spending, champion traditional values and protect america. a motion has been made to include no apologies, in god we trust. [applause] now this matter, this matter requires a two-thirds vote in the affirmative. all those delegates in favor will say aye and those opposed will say no. those opposed? well, in the opinion of the chair -- [laughter] let me do that again. [laughter] all those delegates in favor say aye. all those opposed will say no. i guess -- >> they are just going to have to rule and you are just going to have to deal with it. >> i will do that one more time.
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all the delegates in favor will say aye. all those opposed will say no. well in the opinion of the chair, the value voters of america say it's time to quit apologizing for being america. and it's time we openly declared our trust in god. [applause] [applause] and i would say that was unanimous. well, it is now my privilege to introduce to you our first speaker, now that we have the business out of the way. he is a man who was a distinguished career in medicine and his interest -- make his entrance into public service is indicative of his life's a
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desire to diagnose problems and provide practical solutions. as an ophthalmologist he has devoted his career to helping people see more clearly. well, i can't think of a better place to be than right here in washington d.c. to do that. well, he joined the united states senate in january of 2011 and he has established himself as a constitutional conservative, pledging to work every day to reform government and as business as usual here in our nation's capital. i'm proud to say he hasn't received a 100% score on the frc action scorecard for the 112th congress, voting to defund obamacare and planned parenthood [applause] he is a devoted father and husband. married to his wife kelly for over 21 years and together they have had the joy of raising
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three teenage boys, william, duncan and robert. amidst a busy schedule he regulates in volunteers and coaches their baseball and soccer teams. please help me welcome to the stage from the great state of kentucky -- well his dad is from texas. and they both stand for protecting the constitution for which i am extremely grateful. please welcome senators rand paul. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> thank you. can you believe we had trouble getting -- the democrats had trouble getting god into the platform? sounds like there wasn't much
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dissension out here on the vote. you may have heard there was a little girl and she wanted $100 she said she would do good kings with it so she wrote a letter. she said your god, i would like $100. the postmaster got it and he said i don't know what to do with it so he sent it to the president and the president said, well that is cute. he sent it to a secretary and he said then the little girl $5. she will appreciate that. the little girl.a., five bucks and heard parents told her always to write a thank you so she did. she said your god, thanks for the five bucks but next time don't send it through washington. they stole 95%. [laughter] [applause] we are now in the midst of an election that pits one party against another but i often tell people political parties are empty vessels. and view them with values. republicans must first decide
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and clearly explain who we are before we can ask to take charge of the country. today we are here to talk about what we believe those values should he. i am a christian, a husband and a father. i'm faithful to my wife and my family. i try to be good but of course we all fall short of perfection in our lives. i try to adhere to the tenants of god's word in the new testament and i take seriously my oath to defend the constitution and i try to find the truth and my values regardless of the political outcome, regard was of how popular or unpopular they may be. dostoyevsky wrote that i did not arrive through childlike faith but through a fiery furnace of doubt. my faith has never been easy for me. never been easy to talk about, never been without obstacles. i do not and cannot wear my
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religion on my sleeve. i am a christian but not always a good one. i am not completely free of dowds. i struggle to understand man's inhumanity to man. i struggle to understand the horrible tragedies that war inflicts on our young men and women and i have always had trouble grappling with the tragedies that i've encountered in medicine. as a medical student and as a physician i struggled and struggled with inexplicable disease, terminal tumors, in children. when bad things happen to good people, when bad things happen to innocent people, when mrs. jones presents with pancreatic cancer i don't always know what to say or what to think. you can see it in her eyes. she knows what the diagnosis ultimately means. how do you explain something so i'm just and inexplicable to her? my first patient was a medical student in the service, a
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beautiful young woman who unfortunately presented with metastatic -- i knew enough to know that her time was limited and i struggle to understand her tragedy and how tragedy could occur in a world that has purpose and design. like most dr., or like most people really, i struggle sometimes carrying too much and sometimes carrying too little. i struggle to understand up people sometimes read rewards and saintly heroes are martyred by their fellow man. i recoiled at the horror of war. when i read of the merciless and relentless charges from one trench to another, that utter carnage, i wondered whose grand design is this? when i read silent night, the story of the christmas eve armistice amaro fit man who found goodness so profound that
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it overcame hatred. i was awestruck as soldiers who put down their arms to sing christmas carols with the enemy and came out of their trenches to play soccer and exchange small gifts. i was amazed at the men who were so transformed in a moment they were unable to fight and had to be transferred away from the frontline. this was during world war i. i realize though that the christmas armistice was an anomaly and that millions died in world war i and world war ii and all the 20th century wars despite the fact that many of the soldiers involved knew enough of their foe to want to kill them or prevent them. i am not a pacifist. but i do think it's unacceptable and not to hate war. i am dismissive of those who champion war as board and show no reluctance to engage in war. any leader who shows the leader in eagerness for war should not be leading any nation. i believe truly great leaders are reluctant to go to war and
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try mightily to avoid war. though i detest violence i can kill someone who injures or threatens my family. though i hate war i could commit a nation to war but only reluctantly and constitutionally and after great deliberation. i believe that though some would find this a contradiction in terms, that there is such a thing as a christian or just very of war, that a just war is a war of self-defense. at the same time, i am conflicted. i don't believe jesus would have killed would have killed anyone or condoned killing, perhaps not even in self-defense. i am conflicted. the coarsening of our culture towards violent death has more consequences than even war. tragically, the same culture has led to the death of 50 million unborn children in the last 40 years. i don't think a civilization can
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long endure that does not have respect for all human life. [applause] we have a great many problems in this country to solve but i believe there will come a time when we are all judged on whether or not we took a stand in defense of all life from the moment of conception until our last natural. [applause] as a teenager i gave my first public speech in my church. i wasn't very good. i hope i'm getting better. i wouldn't think at the time i was awful. my hands shook and my heart pounded and i don't think i am a natural with this. i thought to myself, i can't do this but somehow i did and because i wanted to talk about
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things that were important, i persisted. i chided my church for not seeming to care about the unborn and looking the other way and not taking a stand. one thing i promise you and i promise my constituents in kentucky is, i will always take a stand for life. [applause] though i believe in limited powers for the federal government, i believe as our founders did, that primary among these powers and duties is the protection of life. the government cannot protect liberty if it does not first protect life. [applause] ultimately, as christians our message should be a message of hope. we need leadership who can find hope and optimism amidst the
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fiscal crisis we face. we need leaders who can transform the coldness of austerity and to the warm embrace of prosperity. we need leaders who can extol the american dream, who are proud of america, who will convince us to believe in ourselves again. we must embrace the values of life, liberty and prosperity -- prosperity that will lead this country back to greatness and we should do so proudly as christians. i agree with ralph reed who often states that the first amendment is here to keep government out of religion, but not to keep religious people out of government. [applause] our successes will be measured in many ways. do we stand for principles in our battles? do we stand with leaders and politicians who embody our principles and finally and most
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importantly, do we keep our humanity and our values intact as we fight the good fight? ultimately our success is measured in man's humanity toward man. i'm not asking you to love man in the abstract. i'm not asking you to love someone else's neighbor. i'm saying that what is important is to love your neighbor. but even more importantly -- [applause] but even more importantly to love the people close to you. success or happiness or whatever you want to call it is in the particulars. it's not in the abstract. it's sitting right next to you. loving man or woman in particular might find your happiness. your interactions with those you know, with those you love, is where you should look. in that row might believe may lead the key to success in the key to happiness while we are here on earth. for me, my serendipity, my discovery happen not in any lab, not in medicine, not in politics. i didn't discover the cure for
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some horrible disease. i haven't have to get solve the worlds problems and politics but just wait, i am trying. [laughter] but once upon a time i could come serendipitously upon a girl who makes every achievement i have for not have important. no matter where you are what your path is, what path you choose, don't lose track of what are the important things. the important things are the people you know, the shared experiences of the one you love and all that ultimately matters is that you chart your course as we all try to chart our course in life, is how you treat the people around you particularly those closest to you. all else in mind, ultimately withers. each of us today must examine what is important in your lives. for me it can be summed up in a dedication from my book that i wrote and this dedication was for my wife. what are the important things?
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have a time to even consider what are the important things? even when i sit still, i sit still in a hurry but beyond, between and above all else, and my my wife, my love can and do complete all -- that my circular brain can create for me are the important things. for us as a nation, as a people, we need to decide what are the important things. they are not all in politics. they are not all here and present so we can fully understand them but i think there is a crisis in our country. it's not just a fiscal crisis. i think there is a moral crisis and i think there is a spiritual crisis. [applause] i don't think the answer is in any politician. i don't think the answer is in
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any particular law. i think the answer really is that we need to somehow find our way back to god, find their way back -- [applause] and i think we find that by taking the time from our busy lives, from everything around us, taking the time to reflect what are the important things. i hope we will find that out and i hope it will reflect and i hope we will find spiritual renewal in a country and as a people. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ [applause] >> thank you senator. we are very excited for this year's values voter summit that coincides with the release of
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the new film, monumental featuring kirk cameron. [applause] well tonight here in this very ballroom at 9:33 will be giving a special screening for everyone. we would like you to now take just a moment to look at the monitor for a preview of this movie tonight. >> remind you of your heritage. ♪ >> instead of ideas. that are being implemented in advance, this capitol at this time is terribly frightening to people.
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>> when you look at the roman empire, the parallels to what is going on in america are absolutely frightening. >> and the question is are we going to go the right path ourselves or are we going to continue down the wrong path that so many nations have fallen into? ♪ >> and that will be tonight at 9:30. [applause] right here in the ballroom. ladies and gentlemen would you please welcome actor producer, kirk cameron. [applause]
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[applause] >> well, good morning. it is so inspiring and it is so exciting to be here this morning, to be part of the values voter summit. i am deeply honored and privileged to be here with you to be part of this historic event and to be a part of this, this great movement that is sweeping our nation right now and we are so excited and we are so hopeful. i was asked to come and be a part of this this morning. i think in part because of a brand-new found that i recently produce called monumental, in search of america's national treasure. [applause]
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and it was a very unique project for me personally to be involved in because i didn't approach this film as an act or. i didn't approach it as a politician. i approached this as a father. i am a father of six children together with my wife, chelsea, and i am deeply concerned about the world that they are walking into. let me back up just a little bit. i did not grow up in a family of faith. i didn't grow up in a politically active home. today, as you know, i referred to myself as a recovering atheist. i lost my faith in atheism a long time ago. and i now love god and i'm so thankful and grateful to god for who he is and what he has done in my life. [applause]
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and although we never talked about the importance of voting for leaders in this country locally and nationally, i now understand as a dad that someone is going to be steering the ship, that there are leaders that are critically important to the future and the blessing of the land that we live in, and not just for me but now is a father i am looking at the fruit that is hanging on, the branches of our life. that is our children. they are our ultimate fruit and they if they are healthy will produce seed and fruit themselves and we want them to be in a land that is blessed as well. so that is really the fuel that is rocketing me forward to want to do something and be involved in this arena that you all understand is so very critical and important, particularly in this election year at this time in history for our country and for the world.
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and so, as a father, i am looking around, seeing that their writings on the wall. all signs are saying panic. economically our nation is $16 trillion in debt. morally, the very fabric of the nation appears to be crumbling with families falling apart, so much that it's just out to erode the family, divorce and drugs and alcoholism, teenage suicide and so many unwanted pregnancies and so many things going on. we also see that spiritually, it's frightening what is happening in our nation and around the world. so as a dad i'm wondering, what can i do about this? what can we do about this? so i turn on the news. and i find that most people are playing the blame game.
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most people are getting rather vocal about all the wrong things other people are doing, so i find the left blames the right and the right lane to the left, the rich blame the poor and the poor is blaming the rich. government is blaming big business and big businesses claiming government. the church is blaming hollywood and the media is blaming religion for all of the ills of the world. and with all of this blaming going on i'm finding it difficult to hear a clear voice that is going to take us out of this mess. who will lead us out of this wilderness to a place of blessing? and i thought, maybe i am missing the obvious. maybe it is simpler than all of this. could it be that we simply have forgotten this great nation in the first place -- what made us this great nation and the first-place? [applause] i thought if only i could go back in time and simply talk to
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the brave men and women who were there at the founding, who were there, our forefathers. if only i had it said lori ann and i could go back and talk to them and asked them, what are we doing wrong? what are the essentials and nonnegotiable's? what do we need to change in order to move forward with blessings and strength? how do we return to the most free and prosperous, secure and blessed nation the world has ever known? they could tell us. well, my name is not marty mcfly and i don't have a time machine so i did the next best thing. i got on a plane and i went to england and i began retracing the escape route of the pilgrims before they were called pogroms they were separatists. to understand who they were and why they did what they did. what was the fuel driving them to risk everything against all odds and then lay down their lives for the sake of their
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children and how did they build this? and so i followed them out of england into the dungeons and the castles that they were thrown into, their underground worship places. and then made a strategic retreat out of england to holland, and they staged their first for 12 years under the care of their loving pastor, john robinson. john robinson is affectionately known as the founding father of the forefathers. and he taught them all of the nation-building principles that the pilgrims then brought with them on the mayflower, across the ocean to the new world. and they began running those -- and they began implementing the very things that america has become famous for.
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electing your own officials and leaders in government, a limited government, a free enterprise system. these are the kinds of values and these are the kinds of essential principles that inspired later generations with our founding fathers and beyond, and just put so much power into the churches and into the community, and they built a nation because of their sacrifice, from the ground up and the inside out. and it started in the heart. and i wonder why i was never taught these things in school. i was taught that our founders were a bunch of atheist, agnostics and ds and all these great ideas came from ancient rome and greece and then when i
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did the research myself and began examining the original source documents like bradford's journal, plymouth plantation and others, the very sources where we learn about these amazing people, i found that they learned these things through very different source and at the very heart of the treasure that made america so unique, were the very eternal principles that had not been tested and tried from the ground up for 3000 years since the ancient hebrew republic under moses. and they were doing something utterly unique in the history of the world. and we today are the beneficiaries. of their labors and their sacrifices and i-4 1:00 a.m. extremely grateful. i know that you are too. [applause]
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and my hope was that in the year 2012, that we would be able to look back and maybe, just maybe they had enough foresight to know that we would get on track in the nation, that they would know coming out of england where their economy was collapsing, where their king had enslaved the people and in essence declared himself to be god on earth, the darkness was just closing in on them culturally, economically, socially, politically. and they didn't cut their heads between their knees and just say well, it's all over, let's just get ready for that and. they said no, no let's get on the offense and make a 500 year plan and rebuild the nation. [applause] but knowing that the human heart is ultimately bend toward
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serving itself and prone to things like greed and pride, perhaps they would have had the foresight to put some guardrails in place. perhaps they would left us a reset.and so that if we ever got off track, we could return to original factory settings. that was my hope. and i looked and i looked for it. and i found it and they left it for us. and they left it in the form of the largest solid granite monument in the united states of america and most people have never heard of it. i had never heard of it before i made this movie, monumental, and it's sitting on top of a hill in massachusetts. at it is a 180 tons of granite making it the largest solid
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granite monument in the united states of america and it lays out or if or father strategies for how to build and sustain a free and just society. it's called the monument of the forefathers and it is now hidden behind a forest of trees in a residential area. you wouldn't know it is there unless you stumbled into it, but if you are going there specifically to see it stands there today. i must explain his monument to me. it's utterly fascinating. she is 81 feet tall. her name is faith. she stands tall with her finger pointed to have an, the god of heaven with a star on her forehead representing wisdom and in her left hand she holds the word of god. it is specifically the geneva bible, which is the bible the pilgrims brought across with them on the mayflower. this is the bible that predates
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the king james bible. they brought that with them and they believed, our forefathers believed, that you want to have faith in -- you must have faith in the true god in heaven and his word and his word will have you wisdom for how to live and to govern your society in a way that will be a blessing to all. and she has set up on top of a giant rock which is plymouth rock. she is standing on a platform that is supported underneath her by four smaller statues. because our forefathers believed that faith was at the top, faith in god and in his word and it would be expressed if it was genuine faith, in these four ways. firstly, it would be expressed through an internal transformation of the heart, represented by morality and morality is there edge in granite, sitting on a chair and in her right hand she is holding
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the 10 commandments. in her left hand she is holding the scroll of revelation. to her right is inscribed in the granite, profits and there is moses there holding the 10 commandments to her right. and to her left is inscribed the word evangelist. there is one of the evangelist penning the gospel to her last. so in our forefathers understanding, faith first expresses itself not as an external standard of morality imposed upon the people, but rather an internal change of the heart that is produced by the power of the gospel. and then you have the standard of the commandments, the eternal
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rules, that then inform your morality so that you know what is good and what is evil and you do not confuse the two. if the morality is put in place they believe then that would naturally flow to a right understanding of which laws to pass and law is the second statue under the second platform she is standing on end these laws are just and merciful laws. there is a man of law sitting with the law book in his hand in his hand is outstretched immersing into his right is justice. lady justice is there. she has a sword in one hand and a -- in the other hand so there would be fairness and justice in the loss of the punishment would fit the crime. and to his left, his mercy. and under law, the book of law he is holding he is holding the
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book of books. so the laws that the forefathers would make would never be in violation of the eternal rules of rights. you could never pass a law of murdering someone else. he would not pass laws that would amount to stealing someone else's property because these would need an infraction and a violation of the ultimate laws that would produce blessings for the land. now that you have stability in your society through laws that are based on a right morality, you could then educate your children and it was imperative to them that you did, because you had to educate your children and your children's children to pass your values on to future generations or they would be lost. and education is a woman sitting in her chair with a wreath of victory around her head. she is holding books of knowledge and to her right is the young mother instructing her child in the way that he or she
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should go and the child as their copying down the things he is learning from his mother. on her left his wisdom, depicted by an older man with a long gray beard and he is holding a bible in one hand and a globe in the other hand. representing the belief that if you train up your child in the way he should go, when he is old, he will be wise in not depart from it. and then fourthly, the culmination, the result, the reward of following his strategy, his matrix of liberty, was liberty. liberty man man is eddie in his chair and he has the armor still on his body. his sword is tucked back in its sheath. the chains on his wrist and on his hands have been broken, and there is a lion had that is draped over his shoulder and the
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height of this line of tyranny has been slung over his back. and he has been defeated. to his right is a picture of liberty man with his foot on the chest of tyranny having overthrown him into his left is his wife. her name is piece and she is holding a cornucopia that is a bouncy, an overflow of blessings and good things for her family and her community. this is the strategy for producing liberty in our country as given to us by our forefathers. we know that is how they lived. i find it interesting that today one of our political parties is wondering whether to keep the name god in the platform while according to our forefathers, god is the platform. [applause]
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[applause] i said earlier that i made this film, monumental, in search of america's national treasure, which in fact will be available for you if you are interested to see tonight at 9:30 p.m. in the theater. i did this for the sake of my children. and i didn't do it for my children alone, but also for your children and for your children's children and for their children. [applause] and my kids and your kids are the fuel that drives me to be come -- passionate about another issue and that is the sanctity of life. [applause] while some people are able to
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look at this issue of the sacredness of a heartbeat in a womb and perhaps a political issue or perhaps a worldview or an ideological or philosophical issue, for me it's a family thing. you see, i have six children. four of my children are adopted. my wife is also an adopted child. [applause] if it weren't for the young lady that chose to give my wife the gift of life, my two natural-born children would not be here either. my whole family is here today because of the gift of life and adoption and i believe that adoption is the answer to the abortion crisis. [applause]
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we change only two letters in the word abortion and we get the word adoption and it reflects the heartbeat of god. and so i want to thank all of you for all of your tireless efforts and your hard work, of loving and caring for young ladies who find themselves in a difficult and desperate situation with a pregnancy that they don't know quite how to handle and you have taken the time to tell them the truth about the heartbeat that is in her womb and that there is a young child who is waiting for its first breath, its first birthday, its first step, its first day of school, his or her marriage, his or her first child, and you were walking her through that process and showing her genuine love and hope.
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and you have provided blessings for millions of people as a result, and i-4 one and a recipient of that hard work, and i'm grateful. i am grateful for you. thank you. will you please pledge with me to continue to pray for our nation and for the election coming up in november? make sure that you are prepared by registering to vote and helping your friends and family to make sure they are prepared and registered to vote and then go out on election day and vote your conscience, and your values. they are critical. thank you very much and god bless you. [applause] ♪ >> kirk cameron everybody.
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and we encourage you all to please join us tonight at 9:30. what has been great this morning is to see the boy scouts of america provide our callers and our pledge. [applause] and a true story, back when america was coming out of its depression and nazism was overtaking europe, the world was a crazy place and it was during that time that the most popular radio singer, radio star for that matter, decided that she would want to change the mood of america so kate smith went to her friend composer irving berlin and said, i would like you to write the song that would not only inspire patriotism in america but would renew their faith in god. he said you know i wrote a song about 20 years ago but i have never recorded it so we got it out of the drawer and played for her the very first time a song
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called, god loves america. she was so overwhelmed she said i would love to sing the song but i can't take any royalties for this. the should be it gift to america so kate smith and irving berlin decided between themselves that if there be any royalties that will come out of god bless america, it should go to the boy scouts of america. [applause] isn't that great? [applause] and now you are glad you came because you didn't know that, did you? our next speaker coming down to the podium is a true constitutional conservative who practices what she preaches, especially in the areas of tax reform, wasteful government spending, reducing our national debt and repealing obamacare. [applause] she is the first republican woman to be elected to represent
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the house of representatives and the first republican woman to run for president of the united states. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome michele bachmann. [applause] ♪ [applause] >> thank you so much. what a wonderful morning. thank you so much. good morning. thank you for that warm introduction. it's always an honor and a thrill to be back at the values voter summit. i want to thank tony perkins and the great people at frc and before i start i just want to say a word about this concept you have heard about called the war on women, the so-called war on women. and i just want to say i think it has as much reliability and
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truthfulness as bill clinton's arithmetic. [applause] but this week as we have seen, there is a very real war that is going on across the world. and that is what i want to take my few moments together we have this morning. i said on the intelligence committee and we deal with the nations classified secrets. this is a real issue and as we survey the political landscape today, it feels like it's déjà vu all over again. staggering unemployment, high gas prices and a struggling economy. you would think jimmy carter was back in the white house again wouldn't you? [laughter] we are again desperate for another ronald reagan.
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[applause] this time i am sorry to say it's even worse, because islamic traditionalism are not just limited to one country. they are currently raging all across africa and all across asia. each week our christian brothers and sisters from nigeria and kenya are being persecuted. when they go to church, they don't even know if they will make it home afterwards. now the violence has come to us, the united states and on the anniversary of 911 no lassar libyan ambassador he and his courageous embassy staff have lost their lives in benghazi and in libya in a cruel, cold and gruesome intentional terror attack and all the while the response of this administration has communicated both weakness and lack of resolve to the world.
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[applause] and a top official seems in credulously apparently convinced that the only way to curtail this crisis is to put a full frontal attack on their free-speech free speech rights of american citizens. [applause] i want to be perfectly clear, this isn't just about a movie. this was an intentional act that was done by radical islamists who seek to impose their beliefs on the rest of the world, and we will not stand for it. [applause] [applause] no one here is suggesting that all muslims are radical, but we
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should not be ignorant of the objective reality that there is a very radical wing of islam that is dedicated to the destruction of america, of israel and of israel's allies. what we are watching develop before our eyes today are the direct consequences of this administration's policy of apology and appeasement across the globe and the presidents foreign-policy genius hailed by the media, even last week is now exposed to what it really is. so now you see this media doing absolutely everything they can to scramble, to make sure that there guy doesn't get the blame for what is going down this week. it's important to highlight the context that got us to this point. it didn't just happen out of nowhere. this really does go back to the very beginning of the obama administration, the very first television interview. don't forget that president
9:50 am
obama gave after he was sworn in which was the arabic cable tv network al arabiya where he promised he would provide middle east peace in our time. than president obama when on went on his first foreign-policy trip to cairo and he spurred our longtime ally egyptian president mubarak by inviting the very violent muslim brotherhood, who at that time was outlawed in egypt, to attend his speech and gave him front row tickets to his speech in cairo. mubarak's policy was to keep the destructive muslim brotherhood at arm's length. when you hear the muslim brotherhood's mission statement i think you will understand why former president mubarak or anyone could one want to stop the violent muslim brotherhood or that the brotherhood is a political entity and this is their motto. it reads and i quote, allah is our objective. the profit is their leader. the koran is our law. jihad is our way.
9:51 am
dying in the way of allah is our highest hope. recently the newly-elected muslim brotherhood president even said quote, jerusalem shall be our capital. so i want to be perfectly clear this morning. even though the democratic party as a little bit of trouble with this last week in charlotte north carolina, the undivided city of jerusalem is not now nor will it ever be anything other than the eternal capital of israel. [applause] [applause] another factor in understanding this administration's policies of appeasement is its
9:52 am
relationship with an organization you may not have heard of before. one of the largest, most powerful organizations in the world, and you should know its name. it's called the organization for islamic cooperation, organization for islamic cooperation and so far it's gone virtually unnoticed. who are they? the overseas the second largest intergovernmental organization in the world after the united nations. the oic claims they have authority to represent all muslims, even those who live in non-muslim countries like the united states. in 2005, this very influential islamic organization published a ten-year plan of action in 2005. they implemented sharia-based speech code requirements worldwide. listen very carefully to what i'm telling you right now. it explains this week. they had a ten-year plan of action to implement the
9:53 am
sharia-based islam is based speech code requirements worldwide. but don't take my word for. they publish this plan on their web site in english so no one would miss their intent. they intend to internationally criminalize all communication or any communication or speech that is deemed by them to be insulting to islam. even in countries like the united states. that my friends explains the story of this week's islamic speech code. no one, not muslims, not non-muslims, not americans, are allowed to say anything islam is see as insulting to their religion. the intent of course of our freedom of speech and religion goodbye and that is why we we ae being forewarned today. [applause] unbelievably, last december they
9:54 am
succeeded with both president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton's help because they push through the united nations the passage of a u.n. resolution 1618 which called upon all countries to enact laws repenting derogatory references to islam, a clear violation of our first amendment freedom of speech. and even before that in october, last october and then many prominent islamic organizations wrote a letter to the white house where they urged our white house to do a complete purge of any federal training materials from references to the ideology of islam, to ensure that all trainers in our u.s. military, our fbi and other u.s. security agencies be retrained, so they would be brainwashed and political correctness towards islam.
9:55 am
be enforced islamic speech codes here in the united states and all done with the help of our president and secretary of state. it took only days for the obama it administration to reply to the letter from the islamists promising to set up a task force with the same organization who immediately began our counterterrorism training in every federal agency across-the-board. it is breathtaking, never been done before but when members of congress, myself included, started to ask questions about the identities of who these people were who were leading this purge in our government and what it was they were purging from our training material, the obama administration told us the information was close to. it was classified. we couldn't know who was behind it. i'm here to say my friends that we are now today very late in the game. we are quickly losing our sense of who we are in the nation and
9:56 am
we are losing our ability to identify our radical islamist enemy. that time is come to stand unashamedly. this week for freedom and value and draw an unmistakable red line for our enemies across the world. [applause] in light of the attack this week on our embassy in cairo, we need to tell the muslim brotherhood controlled government in egypt, if you continue to inflame sentiment against the united states, we will immediately put an end to the united states taxpayer gravy train that we are sending your way. [applause] starting with the $1.5 billion
9:57 am
we have sent egypt and aid in eight and the $1 million forgiveness program and a 5 million-dollar international monetary fund loan programs we are backing. we also need to stop the upcoming state visit that president obama agreed to to welcome egyptian president morsi into the white house and we need to cancel the planned joint military exercises that we have just recently planned with the egyptian military. secretary clinton and napolitano need to immediately in the policy of violating u.s. federal law by granting visas, now get this, to two members of designated u.s. designated foreign terrorist organizations, granting them visas so they can be escorted through the front door of the white house to meet with our president's national security staff, whereupon they release of the leaders of the
9:58 am
radical islamist organizations including the blind sheikh, the mastermind of the 1993 world trade center bombing. you would think this is a novel that you are you're reading, not reality. and president obama needs to get his priorities straight. what he needs to do is cancel this interview with david letterman, cancel his meeting with beyoncé, cancel his meeting with jay-z and instead, agree to meet with the prime minister of israel, then g-men netanyahu. [applause] because you see, america and israel have a commonality of interest. too much blood has been shed. too many lives have been given to sacrifice their freedom of speech and freedom of religion
9:59 am
and what we stand for here in the united states. our forefathers sacrificed so much for us. we owe to them. we owe it to our posterity to continue to stand for freedom, for liberty, for justice, for righteousness, for truth and as we consider our way forward we should remember the voices of history. don't forget sun tzu who famously said if you know your enemy and you know yourself, you will not fear 100 battles. but the fact is this administration is virtually outlawed understanding who the enemy is and at every turn the enemy the president is persistent on apologizing for who we are as americans. now i know master war strategists but i do know enough that when we refuse to add knowledge to the enemy is and what it belves and what would shame americans for standing up for who we are, then president
10:00 am
obama is following a strategy of complete defeat. ..
10:01 am
and it will be more economical and more honorable to use the same means that once for suppressing their insolence these. so we build a median he deployed that american navy to the enemy. the message to the world was clear: we will not tolerate attacks on our citizens or sovereignty, and you do so at your own peril. [applause] it was thomas jefferson's policy of strength and determination and complete contrast to the policy of the obama administration of apology and appeasement. it's been our american tradition of foreign policy and all political parties, democrats and republicans ever since. where has the american spirit gone? where are the william barret travis's of the alamo that told
10:02 am
the enemies here and no further? where are the generals like washington, jackson, grant, sherman, eisenhower, patton, who understood that victory is the only goal of the war because they understood the terrible consequences of defeat. i'm reminded of general macarthur, who led troops across the pacific in the face of severe military aggression. and in his speech to the cadets at west point, he told those young warriors the longline has never failed us. were you to do so, a million ghosts and brown khakis and a blue and gray would rise from the cross is summoning those magic words "duty, honor, country" since we live in desperate times where we need to come together as americans, remembering this gift of freedom and liberty given to us from
10:03 am
those who've gone before coming and we need to live those keywords that they are echoing through the pages of history down to us today, through history, duty, honor and through country. so let's make sure that with everything within noss, we lay it on the line in the next 50 days. because it is my belief and my opinion that barack obama has been the most dangerous precedent we have ever had on american foreign policy. [applause] and we cannot sustain another four years of jimmy carter-like policies. because, you see, the future belongs where? all you need to do is look in front of you come and look at your hands and looked at my own. this is it. it is our hands that will determine the future.
10:04 am
it is our hands that will determine if it is honor, duty, country. i believe we are worthy of the tasks, and nothing but the memory of the fallen should guide us. god bless us now. god bless us in the future. god bless us in this important moment when we make our decision about the future of our nation. god bless us all. and in his mighty name we pray and bless the united states of america. [applause] >> i am so glad that we passed
10:05 am
that resolution we can use the name god after that speech. [applause] all right, everybody. we are now going live on c-span. [laughter] it's been done. let's go on. we are now going live on c-span so we are going to welcome about a million more viewers to the values voters summit, so all of you be on your best behavior, okay? let's welcome them, shall we? [applause] to the values voters summit. [applause] we are going to have a panel discussion and coming to been to the to introduce the panelist is the senior vice president of frc action where he regularly in cages with congress on issues such as education, tax reform, faith based initiatives and the
10:06 am
sanctity of marriage. and for all of his good work, he was once named by keefer olberman as the worst person in the world, which he wears as a badge of honor. ladies and the gentlemen, please welcome tom mcclusky. [applause] >> hauer you all doing it? politicians, movie stars, i almost thought i was at the democratic convention. and i was back there and kirk cameron was praying to god before he came on, and i knew that i wasn't at the democratic convention. [applause] now the democrats have been kind of getting a bum rush that yes, they did take god out of the platform. but in their defense, it was at god's request. [laughter]
10:07 am
camano -- are you all excited about the speaker's? what about paul ryan? [applause] i know a lot of you are going to want to pitch to them but i do have to tell you we have in the exhibition area we have a cardboard cutout of representative ryan. i know it's not the same thing, but in the sense it's kind of a two-fer you get the personality of ron -- ryan with joe biden. i'm glad the joke went over because all we need is on twittered did the guy in the pink research to be treasured just call paul ryan dreamey? [laughter]
10:08 am
i wasn't surprised that he turned to the house of representatives for his vp tick. because you cannot find more sour, or heroic, more stand up conservatives, politicians and in the house of representatives. and that's -- [applause] and that's what we have a sampling of this morning as well. and i want to introduce them. and then they will come up and speak in order. i think we might be a congressman down. hopefully not, but we might be. i will introduce them in order. trust me, you are going to love these guys. the two that we have for freshmen. congressman james lankford from oklahoma. [applause] true champion for the family. his very first speech on the house floor was around the march for life and fire will. i suggest you look it up.
10:09 am
and the theater, this man we worked very closely with when he was a legislator in the greatest kansas where he helped shut down planned parenthood clinics in that state. you can plot to that. this is the value voters convention. you can clap to that. he's also stood up in defending the military and the rights of chaplains in getting legislation into the house legislation coming getting wording in the house legislation to protect our men and women. [applause] additional you might see that we have a chair here in case clint eastwood shows up. [laughter] right now i would like to ask congressman lankford and huelskamp to come out. you'll be hearing from mr. lankford first. [applause]
10:10 am
>> and jeff fortenberry who's been to a champion on the issue of religious liberty, something that has been a very important fight for the family research council. but jeff fortenberry from the great state of nebraska. the order will be changed. lankford, jeff fortenberry, and then to an huelskamp. [applause] >> good morning. >> good morning. this is a good way to be. my name is james lankford, the congressman from the fifth district of oklahoma, and i want to give you a little bit of background because we are soaking in a couple things with you. i understand i talked to groups oftentimes we haven't put before, and the first thing they say is that guy's hair is read. and that's not the voice that i expected to come out of that
10:11 am
body. [laughter] i get it. by understand. this is the one god gave me and it's the one i've got. i'm going to use this one from here. [applause] a little bit of background. i am very new to politics. this is my freshman year. but i have no political background, not even student council. for 22 years i was a full-time ministry. i started working with students, college students, middle school, high school students, people that are in very difficult stages of life. working with those families and those individuals. the experience that i gained working with those individuals helps me to be able to interact with people that have the same kind of struggles, because i understand very well this is about the family. this is not about government. this is about families, and that is the core of where we will have a culture and be strong. my colleague is a step away from what i've done in the past stepping into this was a jarring experience for my wife and by. there's a story too long today
10:12 am
to tell but for my wife, she calls this life's greatest interruption for us to read to leave out for a ministry of seven to the political world. but much of it was based on the study that i did in the book. when you go into the book of nehemiah you find the slave cupbearer who left all that he knew they're comes that before the king paid one prayer to god before he went to the king and that is you have to give me a favor before this man to be able to accomplish what needs to be done. and he left and helped to do two things in the nation: rebuild wall and get the nation out of debt. now, i understand most of us know nehemiah is rebuilding the ball because most of our church is only talk about nehemiah during building campaigns. i get that. [laughter] the that is the first four chapters of nehemiah. you finish the rest of nehemiah and find the sole task is the nation was drowning in debt comes of the nation's air around them. aren't you glad that's not true
10:13 am
today? [laughter] she helped them walk out of that. and set the nation back on the right path. we have a biblical mandate. we have a biblical mandate not only to pray for our leaders but we have a biblical mandate as individuals to stand what's right. churches have the responsibility -- strike this. churches have the responsibilities first and foremost to raise up leaders to equip them and prepare them so that when they step into the leadership, they are ready to serve with integrity and with honesty. [applause] but i do want to warn you, rarely does culture change because government does. if we place our hope and government leaders, including this one, if we place our hope and government leaders to turn on our nation, we will be sorely disappointed and government
10:14 am
leaders. and let us count the ways. we have had plenty of time and plenty of moments that we thought if that person is going to get it done, that person is going to get it done and we all were let down. true? at the end of the day we still have is a national motto in god we trust and at the moment we get that out of perspective and elevate any one individual to be the person that is going to accomplish things, we will be disappointed. but we do have a unique responsibility. [applause] christians believe that the government is on all day in the institution like the church, just like the family. but we keep our trusting god in that. and the issues we face as a nation are first and foremost a family issues and church issues, and i a understand well it slower to try to do it that way. but it's much more effective. stronger families and churches you don't need as much government. weakened families and churches, you need a strong government to pick up the slack. if we want to have a limited government, the first thing we should do is have stronger
10:15 am
churches and stronger families. [applause] would you say this, values matter? but it's not just the words that are spoken. because you will hear individuals say words like fairness, justice, the quality. those words can mean very different things. years ago i walked into my house at the end of the day, and my beautiful two-year-old came running up to me and a jump into my arms. she's now 15 and a half and i still love it when she hugs me. but this beautiful girl comes running in the johnson to my arms, gives me a hug and pushes away from me and says daddy, today mauney beat me and i cried. [laughter] my lovely wife is over her shoulder looking at me more --
10:16 am
modified. i said really? tell me about that. she said mauney and i were racing to the kitchen and she beat me and i cried. [laughter] and i really did, i smiled and looked at her beautiful face and i said i understand, but please don't tell that story to your sunday school teacher. [laughter] words have meaning. when individuals step up and say we are going to go for fairness. we are going to go for a quality. we are going to have justice, we have to ask the next question what does that mean? and you're not going to get it from the words itself, you're going to get it from the actions. because we come as follows of jesus christ, and i come unashamedly from the world view, we all have a world view. [applause] those words, those words also have meaning to us.
10:17 am
the less perspective is the ends justifies the means to be that is a key value for them. is it, it doesn't matter how they get it accomplished if they can increase abortion rights, it doesn't matter how they do it because they consider that a high value. it doesn't matter. right or wrong in the process as long as they get the end result they are looking for. if they can get free health care for someone or if they can get unions more access to the workplace and marginalize religion in the public square, how they do it doesn't matter, then the end justifies the means secure is how it gets left out. the defensive manager at this level of the land, the administration can set it aside and say we don't think as an administration that's constitutional so they will play the exec executive role and judicial and set it aside because we don't think it's right and we want to be fair. we will set aside will all of the land. all of those that believe in the process and doing its right to the right way stand up and say that's not just. you can't just ram something
10:18 am
through and say because you think it's unconstitutional you just stop enforcing the law. but for them it's the end justify the means. if they want to appoint illegally a new head of the consumer financial protection bureau and say it's a recess appointment but it's really not, they will say you know what, he's going to do good things, so it doesn't matter if we do it legally committee in this justify the means. if they want to step up and say it's preventive services, and so we are going to require every employer in america to change their doctrine to match our doctrine, they say the ends justify the means on that. now let me be very clear this is not a war on women it is a war of people of faith. [applause] in my own district this past week the company called hobby lobby filed a lawsuit against the federal government saying we are an institution and a private
10:19 am
business that runs our business on biblical values. we are closed on sunday, will close early in the evening to our families to have more time. from the beginning they from their company on biblical values. they filed a lawsuit saying this to the administration: you cannot as an administration say i know your values, and i know your religion. we have a different set of values, you will change to our values or we will find you. that is coercion in our system and hobby lobby is facing a fine of a million dollars a day if they don't capitulate to the values of this president. that is not who we are as a nation triet [applause] so what do we do about it? there's a couple things that have to happen. those that come from the biblical world of you cannot cave from our biblical world view to go to theirs.
10:20 am
we understand this is the reality we face. we still are going to live by our principles. some first things first, a nephew chapter 5 jesus' command system of our enemies. now hang on here. [laughter] pray for those who persecute you, one of those -- he said if you only love those that loved you what are you doing more than the pagans? so we have the first commandment to say they say tolerance and we say love. that is a higher standard. love does not accept everything that's destructive in a person's life. we love them too much to leave it that we could get so we engage in love. second thing, we pray. fired thing, we work. now let me come back to me and my mother. in the book of nehemiah, for 150 years, families live next to a broken down wall. their house literally was right next to a broken wall for 150 years. and when the mine of walked in he said have you noticed the rubble next to you? [laughter] why don't we rebuild that.
10:21 am
in the nature month time period, the rebuilt with had been destroyed 150 years. because the person looked up to what was next door to them and got engaged. we must get engaged in the families around us. we must actually get to work and stop ignoring the issues and problems and rise up and say i will no longer ignore the rubble of the families are not me. i will actually do something he. god bless us. let's go to work. [applause] >> thank you. what a beautiful presentation. for the first time i met james lankford. [laughter] i asked him i said james, can you give a commercial for me?
10:22 am
[laughter] powerful speaking voice. one of the most thoughtful members of congress, a new member of congress who's come in with this last class and really has enlivened the spirit of the institution and made an immediate contribution to the wellbeing of america. thanks, james, for your leadership. [applause] well, my name is jeff fortenberry come from nebraska. i live in lincoln, nebraska and it's a pleasure to be with you. i want to thank the family research council for their kind introduction to be here today i should give you a little bit of my own background. i live with six women. let me clarify that. i have a wife and five daughters. [laughter] and we have a lot of fun as a family. and james was talking about his wife being here. unfortunately mine couldn't be here with us today. but as he was talking about their interaction as a family come as a couple coming and thinking through the sacrifices and difficulties and working through how to be leader in
10:23 am
america while also being a leader in home, i was reflecting on a story or an event that happened to me when i first ran for political office in 1997. i was a much younger person, had black hair and i decided to run for the lincoln city council and my wife and i were expecting our first child so she did a great joy of standing by my side as long as she could in the right before the election we had of the date and she was nine months pregnant. so she came to the debate, and as it is, i will just let you all know little secret as it is with any political couple coming you really do depend upon your spouse for affirmation. i looked out at my wife after i finished an answer to question. i didn't know if i got it quite right. and she did this.
10:24 am
[laughter] so i try to run through the rest of the debate and i'm so sell pubs or about all of this i went up to her afterwards and i said what i say ron? what did i do? tell me. she said sweetie, having contractions. [laughter] anyway, our first child, claire kuhl was born four days after i was elected political office and then i served a term on the city council. went back to work. i continued to raise a family. but, something profound happened to america after 9/11 coming and i did look at my wife and i said you know, i have to get back into this fight. she said i know, but it's not time to read each year i would come up with an idea and she would say it isn't time. when the congressional seat came open she was the first to call and say now you can run. she is the most generous spells, a wonderful person to have by my side. my top policy adviser, by the
10:25 am
way, and i wish you all could be here to meet her. i also want to tell you what family , family life is impacted by politics. one day i walked into my daughter's room and i said elizabeth, have you done your homework? and she looked at me and said data, that idea is under active consideration. [laughter] what have i done to my children? i was in a happy mood, bolted out a few lines of a happy tune. my 6-year-old said no offense, dad, but you are pretty flat. anyway, they are learning the language of the diplomacy and nuance, but i am proud of him and they are a very generous support not only for me what to keep us grounded. it's pretty difficult as james was talking about to get up on monday morning and face what we
10:26 am
have to face here on our nation's capital to try to make bill walls that are based on truth and justice and animated and fulfilled by compassion and love. when you are actually leaving those who you have known as primary duty to come and this is what i like to see the strength of the nation depends upon the strength of the families and communities. what are we as a nation if we are not a healthy group of families balad together by common purpose and vision. there is an extraordinary amount of broken this in this society today. and all of us in 1 degree or another are guilty of this problem of looking to the government to solve all solutions. congress has three major areas of responsibility and economic policy, foreign policy and social policy. and we have a pretty tough situation in our economy right now.
10:27 am
everybody knows that. when the person a man or woman can't find good opportunity, it creates so much pressure in the communities can create a downward spiral. so it is essential for the government to think about how to set the conditions for economic recovery and the unleashing of entrepreneurial power so that people can use the true gifts of their own intellect and hands to make things to provide for themselves in solidarity with the community. that is essential. it's also a central but we protect ourselves and do what we can to build a more orderly and just world. but we should never deemphasized that their area of social policy. the ancient philosopher once said let me hear the songs of the nation, and i don't have to see its loss. in other words, politics is downstream from the culture. and when you lose the institutions of culture or their id is family life or face life or civic organizations that teach natural virtue, business
10:28 am
ethics, or when you have a media that is about making money, promoting things that are appealed to the interest, when you have an educational system that is wounded and broken, you know, the government can't fix that. by spending enough money fast enough. it can't. it depends upon the well-being of the institutions of the culture that give rise to good formation, purposeful ambition, opportunity and true hope. down the road from where i live there's an institution called boies town and girls' town and this is a place where young people who may have been standing before a judge he says you are either going to jail or boys town. it's a place where children show up in the middle of the night because a caregiver couldn't handle the situation any more. and it is an incredible models intervention. in fact, here is a child that
10:29 am
was on the pathway to despair or destruction or def into the air so turned around 90% integrate successfully into the community came from. so successful that over 30% of those kids actually entered the military. a young person that had no sense of self possession or identity, a community of formation are around them to help them along and then narrow way to find themselves and their true gifts they are so turned around in a few years many of them willingly submit to the sacrifice of fleeing down one's life for one's friend by joining the military and committing themselves to discipline and hierarchy in the sense of mission of making the orders and doing so willingly in the service to others so what does this model of intervention?
10:30 am
the child is put into the care of in love and nurturing mother and protecting giving father and family where there are rules and expectations and discipline and love. when we lose the institution of culture the government the government cannot spend enough just enough to fix it. we who certain responsibility to provide backstops said there are orderly conditions and to meet the goals of appropriate social justice when all of the mechanisms fail. but that is built upon the idea that there are mediating institutions. other government forms that began with the most basic form of community the nation ultimately depends upon the strength of the families and communities. thank you all for what you're doing in inviting me to be here today. god bless you all.
10:31 am
[applause] my name is tim huelskamp and if you can pronounced that you are probably ahead of my mother. after 50 years she still has a problem with the last name. i come from kansas and as many of you know, kansas is home to many pioneers conditioners and as the pioneers and visionaries that refused to accept the demand of the political elite in a form of capital through the 150 plus history of kansas we served as the staging ground for many of the nation's biggest political and social battles. in the 19th century the nation's civil war might erupt in part because kansas refused to sanction slavery. they were trampled on because of
10:32 am
the color of their skin. no other nation has done more than america to ensure the data given in the bill devotees of individuals to exercise their liberties, slavery still is a stand on the history of the nation. liberty and the pursuit of happiness and activist came to my state seeking to end this courage to recognize the contradictions. they refuse to allow about culture to stand in the way of pursuing what they knew to be right and they put the word into action. and you know what drove them and drove the entire families to get into the back of the wagon and rice from massachusetts say 1500 miles to the land they didn't know? the religious belief that slavery was wrong.
10:33 am
when the riot they risked their lives as proslavery forces mercilessly, relentlessly attacked, pillaged and destroyed the villages and homes because of what they believed. but as we know by the hand of god, our nation survived the sleeves were freed, and america rose from the ashes of the civil war. just as our predecessors, we cannot stand idly by while justice prevails and our god-given liberties are now under siege. oral fata, war on women, the biggest one being race right now in america is that against our liberties and traditional values. for most of them, that most cherished of american freedoms is the freedom of religion. freedom of religion is the first part of the first amendment. the first part because the founders recognized that the freedom to exercise religion and faith is the most fundamental
10:34 am
liberty. you've already heard about the dangers posed by the mandate under obamacare but let me comment further. the former governor of my state is the one that's mandating that. i do apologize. but let me and read that a little but of this mandate does is commands what many immigrants to america as our hard to a state tax on religion. that's right, a religion tax. if you happen to believe that abortion is wrong and contraception is wrong and sterilization is wrong, abortion drugs are long as many people face, you actually want to live out your faith, not just on sunday but through the entire week by refusing to buy these items for yourself, for your family, for your employees or your church that is just too
10:35 am
bad. you will be searched out and find by 10,000 new agents because of what you believed. a tuck for your conscience just like the kansas revolutionist. but it doesn't stop there. our service men and women who defend the nation do so first and foremost to protect the rights we hold dear. for regeneration is men and women have given their lives defending those rights and not defined them under siege not on a foreign land, right here at home. in madrid demonstration of your rich up within the military, you are not free to preach the teachings of your faith. you can be punished, discriminated against for preaching the biblical values of marriage and any other traditional judeo-christian value. the fight on capitol hill is to begin such religious
10:36 am
discrimination and also the military religious freedom protection act to protect our chaplains and all of our service members from being discriminated against. my uncle -- [applause] my uncle, father leonard, a chaplain that turned purple heart for risking his life to save that of others, he deserves no less than any member of the military. [applause] as the congressman mentioned, we do understand that this administration is undermining marriage and doing that to the court the year using your taxpayers' money to undermine marriage in court after court after a court. the last time i checked the constitution doesn't allow a president to pick and choose based on his a theology of what
10:37 am
to enforce and they are using those dollars. you're taxpayers' money to undo your values. that should stop, that must stop and canned in november. [applause] perhaps the biggest war against our liberty is the war that is being waged against those that are not here today, the unborn. besides slavery, abortion is the darkest stains on our nation's character and this president is looking for every way possible to make abortion or available and more frequent. and he wants you to pay for it. even if you disagree with it. welcome to another provision of obamacare. like the proslavery forces that invaded kansas the pro-abortion forces in washington and elsewhere want us to believe that abortion is not murder.
10:38 am
that being born is worse than death, that the unborn baby is property, not a person. we have heard that before years ago. not shockingly, we see this administration opposing any reductions in the taxpayer funding to the one private corporation, the largest abortion business in the entire country, planned parenthood helm he would allow one single reduction for the tax dollars to this entity. ladies and gentlemen, the adoptive father of four children. each of the meter -- [applause] each of them either black, hispanic, native american, and i am incensed that the president pays money to an entity that was
10:39 am
created for the sole purpose of killing children that look like mine to lead a racist organization and it continues to target minorities for abortion destruction. shame on this president and shame on that party. [applause] if we do not stand for our liberties and for the liberties of those that are not able to stand for it themselves, then the great american experiment will come to an end. but i am hopeful and optimistic that america will not meet that end. but the next seven and a half weeks will be one of the most critical times in american history. if we want to control the destiny. now more than ever, america needs people like you to talk to your neighbors, your friends, you're fellow churchgoers against the threats to rights we have to exercise our god-given
10:40 am
liberties. the right of the societies don't talk about politics, about moral values. the time for the society is over. the men and women in kansas in 1854 decided manners matter less than the finning voices coming and we should, too. they put the words and actions. they put words into action is coming and we should come to that. god bless you and protect the country. thank you. [applause] >> thank panel al qaeda thank you, panel. they've all finished on time. i would like you to join me in thanking the champions for the
10:41 am
family and these are the type of people like it to work with every day. [applause] you had me a little worried there at first. [applause] >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. great panel. now the next speaker is the vice president for programs with the leadership institute. one of the great sponsors of this year's values voters summit. please welcome david. [applause] >> good morning. it is my privilege this morning to introduce a hero of the conservative movement. south carolina's center jim demint. [applause]
10:42 am
he was elected to the house of representatives in 1998, and then to the senate in 2004. he has earned national acclaim for his work to end the system of federal earmarks and to enact common sense immigration reform. not only is the senator the leader for the conservative values, but he's also a movement builder. in 2010, senator demand endorsed and supported the conservative challengers in the primaries across the country. and thanks in no small part to senator demint's courage and leadership we now have that to me, rand paul, mike lee, ron johnson and marco rubio in the u.s. senate. [applause] and the grassroots have taken notice. i worked for the leadership institute coming and we train thousands of activists across
10:43 am
this country. we circulated a questionnaire that the drainings and asked the conservative activists to read a dozen leaders and elected officials. three people received overwhelmingly positive remarks from conservative grassroots. these three are ronald reagan, milton friedman, and senator jim demint. [applause] please, join me in welcoming south carolina senator jim demint. ♪ >> what a great welcome. thank you. good morning. welcome to a great event. you know, we had a lot of bad news this week. on my leal fer i was reading another story about a distant place where they put 200,000
10:44 am
children out into the streets. and i realized there was a story about the chicago teachers strike. but we've got to think of good things. we've got to think good things can happen. i've been trying to think about what could be good about president obama being reelected. i had to work on it a long time, but i finally came up with something. if he is elected to a second term, he can no longer blame the previous administration. [laughter] welcome it's great to be with you. really, i come out because this is the aroma of freedom. just to have all of you here. i know harry reid would say you are slowly but for me it is the aroma of freedom when people of faith and values from all over the country come together and encourage each other and encourage those of us who are serving here. i know you didn't come to hear what i had to say today, but i do know i came to be recharged
10:45 am
by the people who are making this happen all over the country. you know, we are together today. we come together around those values that we know if life meaning and have made our country successful. a lot of them are biblical values. love, julie, patients, faithfulness, control. and those values when translated into how we live our lives created the fungibles with strong work ethic and personal responsibility. it creates people who are willing to sacrifice and support marriage and family. these people don't need the law to make them do the right thing. that's how we can be free as a nation. when folks share those values out across the country we don't need a police state to make us do the right thing. [applause] we don't need the federal
10:46 am
government to force us or anyone else to carry out those values but what we do need is a government that doesn't create the laws and court rulings that keep us from practicing those values and our lives. [applause] freedom really is when millions of people can live and do and act the way that represents their values. the things that they value. not my values and your values but there's. that's freedom. and we, as the values voters, need to feel free to say we want folks to be free to do that, but we want to ensure that our laws to not keep us from living and practicing our faith and raising our children the way we want, and we want to make sure as the policies of the country allow us to do that. that's why things like school choice are important.
10:47 am
i don't want to use on our education system to force my values on other people. but i want to make sure that if we are creating public funds for education that they include those that wanted their children in schools where there is a world view that represents our values and our faith and will raise kids in a way that they can be responsible citizens. that isn't too much to ask. [applause] it's not too much to ask that we as people of faith and values have the right, freedom of speech to say things are right and wrong. we are willing to let others who disagree with us see that other things were right and wrong. but it's unacceptable in our country when the founder of a major business in our country has an interview in expresses support for family values and traditional marriage, and the
10:48 am
political class begins to threaten the use of government force to hurt their company that is unacceptable in america. [applause] fortunately we all have the freedom to eat more chicken. [applause] it's important we understand our of the series because they are well meaning they just of a different view of the will of the government. the two polar opposite views that we are dealing with in washington is represented by those that see the government as an essential player in our economy and culture. we continue to spend money we don't have and put debt on our children.
10:49 am
they don't understand that because they see cutting spending and a limited government as limiting our economy and the growth of our country. they don't understand how the free markets work. they don't understand how the prosperity's create me and they believe that we have to continue to grow the government in all cost in order to create prosperity in america. what they don't understand is that the moral issue of our time or one of the greatest issues of our time is the fact that we have politicians here in washington to ingratiate themselves to their voters to continue to spend money and do things one group after another in order to look good back home and pushing the debt for that onto our children and grandchildren for generations to come. that is a moral issue and a values issue and we have got to stop it. the only way we can as we cannot compromise with these people that say that it's the central
10:50 am
player. we have to meet them at election time. [applause] they believe the government should set our values. and again, we don't need to be a group of people that say we want the government to represent our values. we just cannot have the federal government redefining marriage or telling us what is right or wrong. what we're asking for is the freedom to allow people to let out their feet and fell use in their lives the way they want. americans love to have decent lives and share our same values. but if the government continues to press in the wrong direction it begins to change the culture and push in the wrong direction.
10:51 am
the political class, the washington establishment of the candidates and decided who is going to be elected and stop the house and the senate with the folks that carried out their bidding. but in the last few years that's changed. americans of all political stripes have said enough is enough. folks i appreciate the introduction and credit for helping elect the patriots to the senate, but it wasn't me. it was the people that decided things had to change. [applause] one candidate in pennsylvania, the people of pennsylvania
10:52 am
across america to pact to me and we saw the same thing happened in florida where marco rubio and randy paul and i know every time i mention the name i don't have to give a good speech if i mention the name because people all the sudden realized the power to change the country is in our hands and if we come to meetings like this and encourage each other and create the critical mass of energy and re-ride each other we are not alone that all across the country people fill the same way we do and if we put a little work into it we can change washington by changing the people we send to washington. a lot of folks ask me as a tea party when we started this cycle and i said no it's not. it's better organized and more
10:53 am
committed than it was before. lugar is a fine man and found out the movement was still alive. [applause] in texas where the holes double schmidt, the republican establishment has taken someone to come to washington to do their bidding the people all across america kicked a guide was 2% in the polls six months before the primary test cruise is going to be the next senator. [applause] obviously i am getting more and more excited because there is more than one person to target here in the senate now. folks to the earlier than i do, go to tv quicker than i do, so it is a lot better for those. we will have jeff and other people coming to help us. but the thing i want to leave with you today is it's not
10:54 am
because those of us in washington, it's because the people of this country have realized this country doesn't belong to no government or the politicians. you don't work for politicians. we are supposed to work for you and reflect the values that you have. [applause] when you come together and express strength in your voices it encourages those of us that are here on the front lines who are always hearing to go the other way when we are in washington. so it's important for us when i hear that i am crazy and doing the wrong feeling here in washington when i can come to this meeting and i can go to meetings like this all across the country and the people say keep up the fight, we've got your back. that's all i need. that's all likelihood needs and rand paul because we get our energy from you and it reminds us who we are fighting for and
10:55 am
who we really work for. so i appreciate you all being here today. [applause] one last thing. i am convinced there will be an american comeback, and it's already started. it's not going to be in washington. what we see is states beginning to take back the concept of federalism. when you add 26 states by suit against the federal government for obamacare, they are pushing back in the right direction. [applause] when the states try to root out fraud in their elections and they are having to fight the federal government to do it, or to have an immigration lawyer that is sensible that enforced legal immigration and enforced the law we have to fight the federal government to do it, but they are giving it and it shows us that we have the opportunity to rebuild the country from the ground up in states and
10:56 am
communities as churches and families the poll on the little platoons of freedom and that is what makes us great as a country. it's not one massive federal government. it's millions of people making their own decisions about what they want to do. that is what freedom is. we are doing it as a nation now. regardless how this comes out. i hope it comes out with president romney in the white house and the senate majority for republicans. [applause] we don't leave the work to them, what we are asking them to do is move things out of washington, let states and communities deal with education and develop their own energy resources. let them develop their own transportation plan. we don't have to ask the federal government for much except get out of the way, let freedom work in america.
10:57 am
thank you for being part of that movement and for being here today. thank you, folks. [applause] thank you, senator demint. now we are going to show brief videos periodically through the values voters summit, highlighting the great work of all of our sponsors. one of our great sponsors that have been with us from the beginning let's hear it from the heritage foundation. [applause] yeah, wonderful work. and they were early in. from the very beginning they've always been part of the values voters summit diprete let's look at the monitors work together.
10:58 am
♪ ♪ music ♪ ♪
10:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ..
11:00 am
on terrorism and unconventional warfare. as minority whip, he forwarded the effort in which the republicans voted for the nearly $1 trillion stimulus bill. instead, he coordinated an alternative economic plan that would've created twice the jobs than half the cost, but the stainless bill was signed into law. we are delighted to have him here is the happy house majority leader at the values voter summit, ladies and gentlemen, we cheaply as well on, eric cantor. ♪
11:01 am
♪ >> thank you very much. thank you very, very much. good morning. good morning, it is just awesome to be here to see so many people, so many people energized about this election being the most important election that we can remember. [applause] now i want to thank tony perkins, frc, all of you patriots that have come from across the land to standup and stand tall for america. [applause] now many people have said -- many people have said and i agree that this is one of the most important, if not the most important election in our
11:02 am
lifetime. now many pundits will also say that this is an election about the economy and jobs. eight days. many people are out of work, and many people lost hope. but for all of us who know that this country values liberty and freedom, we know this election is about something more. this election is going to determine whether or not the very moral fabric of our country will be upheld or whether it will be torn apart. [applause] now, in talking about moral fabric in talking about who we are as a people, i can't do it any better than my fellow verging and, thomas jefferson.
11:03 am
thomas jefferson wrote that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. now i want to speak to you just briefly about each of these. we are about life. we are about respect for life, human existence. and that is one of the first votes that we took when we assumed majority in 2010 with your help. once a bill to standup against any government taxpayer dollars be never used to kill innocent life. [applause] it was important for a and reflecting that very moral
11:04 am
fabric of who we are as a people, who we are is the maturity to standup, stand tall as a strong pro-life majority in the u.s. house of representatives. [applause] what we need is your help. because we need a president. we need a senator who will stand up with us in defense of life forever. [applause] again, one of the cornerstones of the fabric of who we are as thomas jefferson wrote, is the concept of freedom, the concept of liberty. i have the privilege of serving virginia's house of delegates. and then this cat at all, i sat and behind me on the wall was etched in granite virginia statute of religious freedom,
11:05 am
guaranteeing to all the rights to practice their faith. the placement of faith in our lives, not something for us to shrink from, but something for us to protect. [applause] but sadly today as a result of obamacare, many of our fellow americans are now being forced to take our government to court, to suit them, to sue our government in order to disarm face. now, this is not what america is about and this is why we must repeal obamacare once and for all. [applause]
11:06 am
it is downright an issue of religious liberty. this is why we need a president and a senate who will stand up with us, who will stand strong for religious freedom. now we are all seen the attacks on religious freedom unfold around the world. we see what's going on in the middle east this week. but let us not mistake the fight for religious freedom starts here at home because we are one nation, under god. [applause] and this -- and this is -- this is despite what that other party has put in their platform. let us remember, we are at that one nation under god and we will
11:07 am
stand tall and stand proud to uphold that. [applause] now, pursuit of happiness. we all know that most americans in their hearts know that the way for us to allow the pursuit of happiness is through individual effort. it is not a government program. [applause] and that is why we believe in traditional marriage because marriage more than any government program ever has or ever will, has lifted a people out of poverty, even those who felt there was no hope. marriage has proven to be that formula, which has been more successful in allowing for the
11:08 am
pursuit of happiness. and that is why we stand tall and stand proud for traditional marriage. [cheers and applause] in addition to standing up for family, in addition to standing for that institution, which helped people in their endeavor to pursue happiness, we also know that pursuit requires access to a quality education. unfortunately, access to quality education and opportunity to learn has been denied to some of the poorest among us in this country. but that is why we conservatives stand tall on the side of those children trapped in those schools that frankly are not
11:09 am
performing. that is why we conservatives stand on the side of parents who know best for their kids, not some bureaucrat turned washington. [applause] that is why today as we see the fight unfold on the streets of chicago, that is why we stand with the parents and their children to fight against the increasing power and reach of the public employee union. we must stand tall and we must stand tall for the children that act with quality education. [applause] now the adherence to these values, the adherence to these values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has unquestionably made us the most
11:10 am
extraordinary country, the greatest country in the history of the world, granting more people opportunity of different backgrounds than ever before. that is who we are as americans. and what that credible development of this country comes an obligation. it comes with an obligation for us to be. people, free loving people, seeking the same kind of freedom we have are looking to america today, yesterday and tomorrow. and that is why we need leaders who will stand up. we need a president who will stand up with others who believe in what we believe and. that is why we need leaders who will stand by our allies in times of need. [applause] and there is one alia was under
11:11 am
existential threat, who needs america to stand now, her needs america to have her back. and that is why we need a president who unabashedly will stand up, stand strong for israel and her eternal capital, jerusalem. [applause] we need -- we need leaders who will stand for these values. so we've got our work in front of us that the next 53 days now. not a house can't do it alone. we got there with your help, with your commitment in with your passion.
11:12 am
we need a president. we need a senator who was an tall with us to promote these values, to reclaim our country and to reassert the moral fabric of who america is. so i need you to commit today. action today, action tomorrow, action everyday to take our methods back onto the places and community in which you live, which you work, which you worship. we need to make sure that we win in november for the good of america, for the good of us all. thank you all very, very much. [applause] ♪
11:13 am
>> all right. thank you so much, mr. cantor. how would you like to hear from that tour bill bennett asked? [cheers and applause] he consistently rates in our valuation forums, which by the way we want you to fill out and turn in. he's one of our delighted speakers and he will be introducing our vice president candidate, paul ryan brett afterwards. [applause] that may just mention a couple things about these great men. as many of you know, come easter and for many of america's leading newspapers and magazine, also appeared on many of the nations most influential television shows and is also written and edited 16 books, two of which, the burke of virtues and the children's book of virtues rank among the most successful selling books of the past decade.
11:14 am
although he is well known as a republican, he's often cross party lines in order to pursue important common purposes. he's worked closely with democratic leaders to fight for our culture, against the decline of popular culture and also to end worldwide religious persecution. thanks to bill bennett's brilliant mind, his writings and his speeches, he has an extraordinary influence on america's political and social landscape. ladies and gentlemen, would you give a great warm welcome to dr. bill bennett. [applause] >> i am not paul ryan, who was meant to be.
11:15 am
but he was my intern. [laughter] mindful how you treat your staff. they may grow to be the vice president of the united states of america. more about that in a minute. it's great to be here. it's great to be with you. they said that link and read only two books, the bible and shakespeare. for reasons that i've told you about before, you know me. i'm a pretty well-known catholic. i will not start. you will read it on your own. that's a joke. that's fine. [laughter] my text today is shakespeare's, all too apt, macbeth, act four, scene three. our country sinks beneath the yoke, and the week that believes
11:16 am
in each new day that cash is added to her words. what are those words? men and women here before me this morning is better than i do, but a quick recitation. employment rate has been stuck about 8%. the unemployment when barack alum took office as 7%. the labor force are shrinking to record lows. people are giving up looking for work, especially men. the august participation, the great labor force for men was below 70%. the lowest ever on record. as president obama took office, medium house: tim has declined with a $4000. half of recent college graduates are underemployed and were vastly unplayed. more people on food stamps than of ever been on food stamps before.
11:17 am
almost 50 million. poverty is at the highest number we've ever seen since the census bureau began keeping track. 46.2 million people. black unemployment is a record high, 14%. these are gashes that would not be forgiven others if they were in charge, would they? you can be sure about. is that romney courageously told the naacp had a very great appearance in a very great speech and a courageous one. yes. [applause] if i am president, job one for me will be creating jobs. i have no hidden agenda. if you are a president will make things better in the african-american community, you were looking at it. good for mitt romney.
11:18 am
[applause] mcbeth says the country sinks beneath the yoke, the yoke of debt. barack obama took office for national debt was 10.6 trillion. today is now more than 16 trillion. that's heavy. sooner or later that that will sink us. but the burden and the tight as you know in nepal are more than economic. they didn't invite me here to talk about economics. jim demint, eric cantor and paul ryan. it's culture. cultural and spiritual and moral travels. it is not just about our money. it is about our morale as a nation. there is a sense that the americans are heading down. the shining city on the hill is growing thin. 57% of americans believe that we
11:19 am
are in decline of civilization. and about that. more americans do not think we are in a decline of civilization. you know, long story inhumanity in missouri is human history, the american achievement is high and it is unique. and most -- most of us today think it may be ending. this, what has happened to us if so this loss of morale is the worst thing this president has done to us. he has dumped our national morale. i work for a president, ronald wilson reagan. [applause] raised the economy, stared down the soviet union and lifted
11:20 am
morale. one writer said of reagan, the cap can ship took the wheel in stormy seas. he calmed the passengers in the sea. the opposite has been done during the tenure of this president. it gives me no pleasure to say so, but it is true. so what is this and why is this? where does this come from? 64% of americans believe we are on the wrong track. if there is 64% would just vote on track. [applause] some tell us things are getting better. if things are getting better, why are people feeling so bad?
11:21 am
people are saying things are better, why are things better? they're not. i will tell you another reason why today the country we emblaze shakespeare says. it weeps and bleeds for man who literally blood, who killed and brutalized by a fanatic mob in benghazi. the reaction of our leadership was not anger, not fury, not deterrable swift sword. to the bleeding, slaughter spectacle, visibly team, a sheepish statement of weakness and wondering aloud whether the secretary of state and others, whether our own freedoms, our own constitutional freedoms go just a bit too far. a muslim mob brutalizes and
11:22 am
murderers and american ambassador, representatives of the united states of america to disgrace him into disgrace us, he could murder us and brutalized us, too, all of us. when our government reacts by shattering and shaking and wondering the consequences of our first amendment. complaints and inconsequential fool as a filmmaker with a paltry influence for the venom unleashed in another part of the world. god help us, god help us. well, another line from the bass . we thinks is your voice. we think streator a couple this. in the midst of this, there was a voice. it was mitt romney.
11:23 am
he did not hesitate. he thundered this. i am outraged by the attacks on american diplomatic missions in libya and egypt, by the death of an american consulate worker in benghazi. it is disgraceful deify administration's first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who wage to the attacks. that romney. [cheers and applause] and whatever timing, word and our parsing one may want to bring up when they want to
11:24 am
suggest an improvement of honest remarks, those words have a shock of fact. they had the shock of fact because they were true. when they are condemned so broadly, so almost universally among the establishment press, it is likely that they are true. [applause] these were true for another reason. what he said, let me read again. i am outraged by the attacks on the american diplomatic missions on libya and egypt is disgraceful the obama administration's first response was not to condemn attacks are diplomatic mission to sympathize with those who wish to be attacks. mr. romney was talking about this attack, was talking about
11:25 am
other things as well, wasn't he? the history. his words had a shock effect because in addition to being true, they were an unveiling, a revelation, a stripping away, a showing core of belief and sediment that now animates leadership in america. where do we stand with this part of the world? where do we stand with muslims who would do this to as? where do we stand at the country which hesitates to respond? is it an ally? is it not an ally? we don't know. the answer is unclear. much of the press of course quickly jump than i'm romney to kill this truth in the womb, something that is ballpark this app is. [applause]
11:26 am
but that revelation and that truth will not die or so i hope because the message was received. i heard it on my radio show. i heard it from me early. but that wasn't so important. i then heard it from my audience, from outside the precincts, the normal suspects if you will, outside the precincts in the grip of the new intelligentsia, politically correct, outside of those places defined by advanced attitude and professed moral and intellectual is. it was heard in texas. [applause] when ted cruz was on my show the day after he was elected, he had chick-fil-a at his reception.
11:27 am
so there's a new wind blowing, bill. a new country. a country a better values and our freedoms. [cheers and applause] i said where he talked and from ted? he said texas. i said well i know it's true in texas. i just wanted to be true everywhere else. but as california continues to lose, they might figure it out. [applause] otherwise they will be the lindsay lohan states. [laughter] just can't figure it out. just can't figure it out. what did i do wrong again? the message romney gave -- the message that romney gave was hurt. it was heard and it was
11:28 am
repeated. it was a code, it was approved and the american people applauded. god help it to be seen and heard elsewhere in ohio and colorado. [applause] ended iola and virginia. [applause] and everywhere else i will end with wisconsin. [applause] which brings me to wisconsin. are you ready? [cheers and applause] get out of the way, bennett, get out of the way. it's like those commencements. you know, parishes want to be sure the degree is in the hand of the child. get that and off the podium.
11:29 am
get them out. get on with his day. paul ryan. [cheers and applause] i was just ushered out of the room because paul ryan came to do an interview. if they do you know -- never mind. paul ryan tells me in a text about two weeks ago that he wants to carry in one hand and both of the virtues in the other hand. and now i go around bragging, hey, i know paul ryan. [laughter] well, sir, paul, if there's any carine to be done, in case you think i'm too old for it. and i'm not, teresa texas
11:30 am
debating tuesday night with chris mathews. i'm not too old for this. [cheers and applause] i'm just getting better. my doctor said i'm getting shorter. anyway. i'll repeat that line. paul ryan, if there's any carine to be done coming case you think i'm too old for it, i'm not. but if you do, i will carry her jacket in your coffee in your books while you take it to them, mr. chairman. [applause] he did work for me and jack kemp or his politics to say, i work for jack can't. [applause] can't help it, can't help it. we are friends.
11:31 am
we instead on the the top of colorado's 14,000-foot peaks together. i got there three hours after he did, but -- [laughter] i got there. when i got there, do not knew it had been clients. [laughter] and my son -- our younger son was 14. paul asked him if he wanted to go on a hike in colorado. ms. sun shows shows that every coin on the trail? he said no, we're going straight up. straight up they went and my 14-year-old was gasping and decided he was going to do better next time. hit the next time chance last summer and colorado. now, joe bennett, princeton graduate and the second lieutenant in the united states buried core, thank you very much.
11:32 am
[applause] stayed within. so did paul's father-in-law who runs to cap on and paul's brother-in-law who is an iron man. and i stayed at base camp in case -- like on everest, in case their struggle. [laughter] now, i went behind. true story of paul said let's all fight together. is that i know the resume for this job. you've got to be kidding. they were way ahead in all stay together and i just stayed behind, dealing with the newfound humility. at five past minute trip and said you look familiar. are you somebody? i said no, used to be. not anymore. last night i heard paul ramis appear in the trail.
11:33 am
sap is about three miles ahead you can find them. we have come to know a lot of each other's families in this way in other ways. i admire him very much. his faith, courage, sense of humor is so well grounded sense of themselves. keep a big hug. he knows what he stands for in our time just as important he knows what he won't stand for. [cheers and applause] the book of virtues, chapter of courage is the most important of the virtues because it makes all the other virtues have a fax. it is the secret of democracy. it still is. paul hassett.
11:34 am
he knows how to work. he knows that it ain't, he knows how to achieve. he gives me hope, real hope, not the flimsy kind of a saudi should to you. he'll be an outstanding vice president for mitt romney will bring his own brand of courage and intellect and honor to the team. mitt romney has been consistently right in his choices and reactions, some of which i cited this morning. no more right to see if and when he was in the business of selecting a running mate. he was right in the army to denounce terrorists instead of offering flimsy excuses. he was right in his addresses to the groups and instincts and reactions have been right throughout this campaign. he is right about what it takes and will take for america to get back to work. andy is right. paul ryan is the best person to help him do this. and to borrow some words from a
11:35 am
very smart wife, day, these two, romney and ryan will not fail. paul ryan. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> hey, everybody. how about this guy? while, thank you very much. [cheers and applause] ♪ wow. how about for bill bennett? [cheers and applause] thank you so much. he did take my jokes.
11:36 am
when bill climbs and not in comment about knows it's been clients. pni go back a long ways. i lost my dad when i was a young guy and i went through life with really important mentors. none were more important and that manny just hurt rum, bill bennett. [applause] >> thank you so much. i appreciate your support. thank you so much. appreciate it. thank you. that's so kind, thank you so much. appreciate it. thank you.
11:37 am
[inaudible] it's good to be here. [applause] it is good to be part of the values at the voter summit once again. and this time, i bring greetings from the next president of the united states, governor mitt romney. [cheers and applause] in this election, millions of americans count themselves as valued coders. i'm a values voter, too. in 53 days, we have a choice between two very different ideas about our country. how we were meant to live and we
11:38 am
were meant to be is the kind of choice that can never be taken for granted. peace, freedom and civilized values have enemies in this world. as we've been reminded by events in egypt, libya and yemen. we've all seen the images of our flag being burned and their enemies under attack or vicious mobs. the worst of it is the loss of four big men, including ambassador to libya. they were there for the most peaceful purposes in service to our country. and today, our country honors their lives and grieves with their families. [applause] all of us are watching events closely, but we know who america
11:39 am
is dealing with in these attacks. they are extremists who operate by violence and intimidation in the least equivocation or mixed-signal only makes them bolder. look across that region today. the slaughter of brave dissidents in syria, mobs storming american embassies and consulate. iran four years closer to getting a nuclear weapon. israel, our best ally in the region treated with indifference bordering on contempt by the obama administration. [applause] amid all these threats and dangers, what we do not see his steady, consistent american leadership. in the days ahead and in the years ahead, american foreign policy needs moral clarity and firmness of purpose.
11:40 am
[applause] only by the competent exercise of american influence are evil and violence overcome. but as i wiki problems abroad abroad from becoming crises. that is what keeps the peace and that is what we will have in a romney brian and. [cheers and applause] in the all important election of 12, values voters are also economic voters. this election will hold the incumbent accountable for his economic failures and affirm the progrowth agenda of mitt romney. it is true that president obama had a lot of problems not of his own making, but he also came in with one-party rule and the chance to do everything of his
11:41 am
own choosing. the obama economic agenda failed not because it was stuck, but because of his past. that's the key distinction. [applause] and here's what we got. prolonged joblessness across the country. 23 million americans struggling to find work. family income in decline. 15% of americans living in poverty. the record is so uniformly bad that maybe you've noticed some pain. president obama himself almost never even uses the word record. that is except when he strained to trade on the record of bill clinton. in his convention speech, the president never said that sent
11:42 am
the word, record. he didn't see the other word, stimulus, either because he wasted 831 alien dollars of borrowed money. at a time of mass unemployment, he didn't even send unemployment because when the slowest recovery since the great depression. and by the way, he didn't even use the word recovery either. nevermind recovery was that all america expect it from barack obama. you see, he wants us to forget all of these things. and lately he's been trying out a new tactic. it's a classic barack obama strawman. if anyone's points out the facts of his record, then they're just being negative and pessimistic about the country. the new strawman is people hoping for the decline of america. you know, it's pretty sad, but this is the closest president obama can come these days to sounding positive himself.
11:43 am
but we have to face up to all that has gone on the past four years of the next four years can be better. [cheers and applause] ladies and gentlemen, we cannot afford to make economic failure a two-term proposition . [applause] you know, the president has been trying out sports comparisons. he compares the fourth year of his term to the fourth quarter of the basketball game. you can expect more of this because if there is one thing that the man can do, it is talk a good game. the only problem is the clock is running out and he still hasn't put any points on the board. [applause] his full case these days is basically asking us to forget
11:44 am
what he promised four years ago and focus on his new promises. that is a fast move to get around accountability. he made those ringing promises to get elected. without them, he would be president. and now he acts as if it's unfair to measure his performance against his own words. but here's the question, if barack obama's promises for a good time, what good are they now? [applause] if we render the contract, we get the same deal. if we renew the contract, we get the same deal with only one difference. in his second term, he will never insert you again. and so many ways -- and so many ways starting with obama cared, reelecting this president would set in motion things that could never be called back. it would be a choice to give up so many other choices when all
11:45 am
the mandates of government and health care come down, the last thing the regulators who want to hear is your opinion. when the obama tax increases start coming, nobody in washington is going to ask whether he can afford them or not. when all of the new borrowing brings our national debt to $20 trillion m. in 25 trillion, nobody's going to ask you about the debt crisis or even help you prepare for, but we the people need to think ahead, even if our current president will not in order to avoid the crisis while there is still time. everyone knows that president obama inherited a bad economy in four months from now, when mitt romney is sworn in as president, he will inherit a bad economy. but here's the difference, when a bomb administration takes office, we will also take responsibility.
11:46 am
[applause] instead of dividing up the wealth, our new president will get america creating wealth again. we're going to revive free enterprise in this country, to get our economy going faster and get our people back to work. [cheers and applause] on the path that this president has sent, by the time my kids are my age, the federal government will be far bigger and more powerful even than it is today. at that point come in this linda freeman and women will become something that was never intended to be. we were expected to meekly submit to this faith. but i've got a different idea and i'm betting that most americans share it.
11:47 am
i want my children to make their own choices to define happiness for themselves and use the gifts that god gave them and live their lives in freedom. [cheers and applause] that's the american idea. [applause] you know, you say things like this and our opponents will quickly accuse you of being antigovernment. president obama frames debate this way because here you can see only kind that he could wind against strawman argument. no politician is more skilled.
11:48 am
[chanting u.s.a.] [chanting u.s.a.] let me say it again in case you didn't hear it. [cheers and applause] and we all know that no politician is more skilled at her poses against imaginary adversaries. nobody is better at rebuking nonexistent opinions. barack obama does this all the time and in this campaign, we are going to call him on it. [cheers and applause] the president is given to
11:49 am
lectures on all that we had to government as if anyone who opposes his reckless expansion of federal power is guilty of ingratitude and rank individualism. he treats private enterprise is little more than a revenue source for government. he uses government is to redistribute or allocator of opportunity. well, the results are in for that, too. here we are, for years of economic stewardship and a self-proclaimed advocates of the polar. and what do they have to show for it? more people in poverty unless mobility wherever you look. after four years of dividing people up with a focus rhetoric of class warfare, just about every second that society is worse off. to see all this played out in any country would be bad enough. to see it becoming the daily experience of right in the united states is utterly
11:50 am
contrary to everything we are about to expect. that rummy knows that this country and all the millions who are waiting for their working lives to begin again the need for better things. to borrow the words of another mentor of mine, jack kemp, [laughter] i had to do that for the urbana. we understand that no government in history has been able to do for people that they have been able to do for themselves when they were free to follow their hopes and their dreams. [applause] under the current president, we are at risk of becoming a poor country because he looks to government as the great benefactor in every life. our policy has a new motto.
11:51 am
they say quote, government is the only thing we all belong to. i don't know about you, but i've never thought of government as some pain that i belong to. as a matter of fact, on the seven occasions have been sworn in as a member of congress, i never taken a nose to the government. the oath that all of this date is to support and defend the constitution of the united states under which government is limited and the people are sovereign. [cheers and applause] that's what we do, that's who we are. [cheers and applause]
11:52 am
in the experience of real life, the most important things we belong to have a very different hold en masse. i'm a catholic. not because anyone has ordered me to accept a creed, but because of the grace and truth revealed in my faith. and that is how we all feel about the faith we hold. in the same way, we americans give ourselves to every kind of good cause. we do this for the simple reason that our hearts and conscience have called this to work in to fill places sometimes no one else can fill. it's like that with their families and communities, too. the whole life of this nation is carried forward every day by the endless unselfish things people do for one another, without giving it much thought. in books they called a civil society. in my own experience, i noticed
11:53 am
janesville, wisconsin. [applause] janesville is the place that 10,000 others, were a lot of good happens about government commanding it, directing and are claiming credit for it. that's how life is supposed to work in a free country. [cheers and applause] and nothing undermines the essential and honorable work of government more than the abuse of government power. and the president is telling government is a big benevolent presence, gently guiding her step at every turn. in reality when government enters the picture, private institutions are so often brushed aside the suspicion or even content. this is what happened to the catholic church and catholic charities this past january when
11:54 am
the new mandates of obama tears started coming. never mind your own conscience they were basically told. and from now on coming or going to do things the government's way. ladies and gentlemen, you would be hard-pressed to find another group in america that does more to serve the health of women and their babies in the catholic church and catholic charities. [cheers and applause] and now, suddenly we have obamacare bureaucrats resuming to get a cab going to do it. as governor romney has said, this mandate is not a threat an insult to religious group. it is a threat an insult to every religious group. he and i are honored to stand
11:55 am
with you, people of faith and concerned citizens in defense of our religious liberty. and i can assure you, when that rummy is selected, we look at the work on day one to repeal that mandate and all of obamacare. [cheers and applause] finally, when he tries to make the government some reasonable inclusive, the president says we're all in this together. and here too he has another handy strawman. anyone who questions the wisdom of his policies what is lacking in compassion. who else would question him but those people who think everybody has to go intend for themselves. were all in this together.
11:56 am
for everyone who loves this country, it's not only true, but obvious. yet how hollow it sounds coming from a politician who has never once lifted a hand to defend the most helpless and innocent of all human beings, the child waiting to be born. [applause] giving up any further pretense of moderation on this issue and incomplete disregard for millions of pro-life democrats, president obama has chosen the most extreme elements of his party. in the clinton years, the stated
11:57 am
goal was to make abortion safe, legal and rare. that was a different time in a different president. now apparently the obama biden ticket stands for absolute unqualified rights to abortion at any time under any circumstance and even at taxpayer expense. when you get past the present strongman, what we believe is these vital questions should be decided, not by the caprice of unelected judges, but by the conscience of the people and their elected representatives. [applause] and in this goodhearted country, we believe in showing compassion to mother and child alike.
11:58 am
we don't write anyone off in america, especially those without a voice. every child has a place and purpose in this world. everyone counts. and in a just society, the law should stand on the side of life. [applause] so much of our history has been a constant striving to live up to the ideals of our founding about race and their ultimate source. and her opponent's convention, a dispute roca over the mere mention of that source. and for most of us, it was long ago that our rights come from nature and nature's god, not from government.
11:59 am
[applause] very clear. that's the american idea. [applause] a disregard for right, a growing government in a static economy, a country where everything is free but us. this is where it is all tending. this is where we are being taken by the present administration. this is the road we are on. but my friends, that road is just ahead and a smart tuesday, november 6, 2012. [cheers and applause] we can be confident in the rightness of our cause and also in the integrity and readiness of the man who leads it. he is a solid and trustworthy, faul
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